Kids Return


キッズ・リターン   [ 1996 ][ 2 ]
Director: Kitano Takeshi 北野武


Plot:Two buddies visit the schoolyard of the high school they used to attend, and remember their young and dumb days. They used to be the bullies in the school, until they find their own ways of life; one as a boxer, and the other as a member of the yakuza.

Kids Return (キッズ・リターン Kizzu Ritān) is a 1996 Japanese film written, edited and directed by Takeshi Kitano. The film was made directly after Kitano recovered from a motorcycle wreck that left one side of his body paralyzed. After extensive surgery and physical therapy he quickly went about making Kids Return amidst speculation that he might never be able to work again. The music was composed by Joe Hisaishi, and the cinematographer was Katsumi Yanagishima. Read More

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