Intentions of Murder


赤い殺意   [ 1964 ][ 4 ]
Director: Imamura Shohei 今村昌平
Cinematographer: Himeda Masahisa 姫田真佐久
Music: Mayuzumi Toshiro 黛敏郎


Plot:A housewife living under her tyrannical husband has her life stressfully turned upside down after getting raped by a burglar.

Unholy Desire or Intentions of Murder (赤い殺意 Akai Satsui, literally "Red Murderous Intent") is a 1964 Japanese film by director Shohei Imamura. This film embodies many of the central interests in Imamura's career including strong, lower-class women who survive in spite of their oppressive surroundings, and an earthy, humorous approach to sex. Read More

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