The Insect Woman


にっぽん昆虫記   [ 1963 ][ 1 ]
Director: Imamura Shohei 今村昌平
Cinematographer: Himeda Masahisa 姫田真佐久
Music: Mayuzumi Toshiro 黛敏郎


Plot:Amorality in Japan. Tome is born into poverty in rural Japan, in the late 1910s. Chuji, her father, dotes on her; her mother is less faithful. Tome becomes a neighbor's mistress, works at his mill as World War II rages, and has a daughter. After an affair with a mill supervisor, Tome goes to Tokyo to seek her fortune. She leaves the child, Nobuko, in Chuji's care. Tome's a maid at a brothel, learns trade from the madam, enjoys the protection of a businessman whose mistress she becomes, and is soon herself the boss. As Chuji ages and Nobuko grows up with her own ideas, can Tome's self-preserving schemes provide continued comfort? Or will the mice scamper over her?

The Insect Woman (にっぽん昆虫記 Nippon konchūki) is a 1963 Japanese film directed by Shohei Imamura. It was entered into the 14th Berlin International Film Festival where Sachiko Hidari won the Silver Bear for Best Actress award. Read More

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