Bad Boys


不良少年   [ 1961 ][ 1 ]
Director: Hani Susumu 羽仁進


Plot:An improvisational film depicting life in a boys' reform school.

Bad Boys (不良少年 Furyō shōnen) is a Japanese film directed by Susumu Hani in 1961 about juvenile delinquents. Since Hani had a background in documentary, he shot Bad Boys, his first feature-length fiction film, in a documentary style, using "nonprofessional actors, black and white, hand-held cinematography, and location shooting." It was voted the best film of 1961 in the poll of film critics by Kinema Junpo and has been considered one of the films to launch the Japanese New Wave.[3] Hani was given the Directors Guild of Japan New Directors Award for directing the film, and Toru Takemitsu was given the Mainichi Film Award for best film score for his work on Bad Boys and Mozu. Read More

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