Kiku and Isamu


キクとイサム   [ 1959 ][ 1 ]
Director: Imai Tadashi 今井正


Plot:Immediately after the Second World War, sister Kiku and brother Isamu, whose mother was a prostitute and the father was a GI, live with their grandmother in the country. Because their colour, hair is different from Japanese, they'd have a hard time, being bullied or treated like unusual creatures. Unfortunately, racism and some other issues such as being different still exist in Japan but the way Kiku portrayed was quite refreshing as she's so strong and fighting against all those stupidity and clich\u00e9.

Kiku to Isamu (キクとイサム "To Insist") is a 1959 Japanese film directed by Tadashi Imai. It is notable for being the first film in Japan to show Blasians, as well as the concept of interracial relationships. Read More

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