Record of a Tenement Gentleman


長屋紳士録   [ 1947 ][ 4 ]
Director: Ozu Yasujiro 小津安二郎


Plot:In post-war Japan, a man brings a lost boy to his tenement. No one wants to take the child for even one night; finally, a sour widow, Tan\u00e9, does. The next day, complaining, she takes the boy to his neighborhood and finds his father has gone to Tokyo; it seems the boy has been abandoned. Tan\u00e9 wants to leave him there, but he follows her home. The next morning he disappears fearing a scolding after wetting the bed. Tan\u00e9 realizes she likes having him there, searches for him, and keeps him when he's found that night. Within days, she considers him her son.

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